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Oil Filters

Oil filters are responsible to withhold and remove particles in lubricants, such as waste caused by the wear of engine components, abrasive dust and pollutants that enter it thought the air or fuel well as impurities can be generated during operation.
The function of these filters is to keep the oil flowing through the motor transport particles that can cause friction in continuous sliding surfaces such as pistons, connecting rods and valves.
Another pollutant of this circuit is the combustion itself, when carbon is incomplete generates waste (microcrystals) that the filter should retain for not returning to it.

Filtros de Aceite

Saturated oil filter can create problems with engine performance and increased fuel consumption, but also serious damage if you interrupt the lubrication process, significantly reducing its life and its components. In short, the preventive replacement of the filters extends their durability, preventing premature wear of both fixed and mobile components to provide greater efficiency and economy.
When the filter paper is saturated, the pores are clogged with paper filtered particles and increase the pressure difference between inlet and outlet of oil. For this reason. Sealed unit filters have an internal relief valve.
It opens at a certain pressure to the lubrication circuit is not interrupted.
When this occurs, the filter should be replaced immediately.
The oil filters to meet the requirements of the first construction equipment brands of vehicles.
The filter element consists of a filter paper impregnated to ensure optimum oil filtration.
All parts are carefully controlled and tested in our own testing laboratory.
Has a fully automated assembly line, with three four-axis robot positioning of parts.
In this new line tightness test is performed automatically filters and dry, this is injected at 6 bar air pressure within the filter and a pressure transducer verifies that the filter is completely watertight.
If it were not the same machine separates the filters with problems to be discarded and not mixed with approved filters.

Important: The replacement of the filter elements should be in accordance with the specifications found in the user manual of each vehicle