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Tecneco Filters International S.A.

TECNECO FILTERS INTERNATIONAL SA is an Argentina company of Italian origin, producing filters in Argentina since 1997. TECNECO has taken the commitment to satisfy customers through quality work that involves the entire staff of the company from ongoing training seeking continuous improvement to achieve greater competitiveness in domestic and international markets.
Tecneco Filters
TECNECO currently has the most advanced technology for the manufacture of filters, is a modern factory, a major daily production can comfortably meet the demands of different markets where it sells.
Whether in local and abroad.
The products TECNECO are manufactured under strictly rules indicated by the automotive houses and meet all the requirements for the European market requires the replacement of original parts.
The company has the most important quality certifications like ISO 9001:2000 in all its production lines (air filters, oil and fuel), this ensures high product quality and reliability.
Modern technology, proper management and a relentless advance business strategy in different markets have enabled TECNECO turn as one of the factories, in its field, with higher growth in recent years and gaining increasing market share of filters either own brand or third parties.
Our mission is the full satisfaction operational market providing high quality products with the best relationship with the price and 100% oriented structure to serve our customers.