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Ecological Filters

International requirements on environmental stewardship that vehicles are increasingly generating less waste.
Therefore in recent years are developing so-called ecological filters.
The main feature of these is the absence of metal parts, and the use of new materials that are less aggressive to the environment.
These valves and bypass both non-return, which were once part of the filter, are now part of the housing that is in the engine and are not replaced with every change in them.

Filtros de Combustible

Another important feature of these new filters is that since it is only the filter element and have no casings, when it replaced much less oil is dirty inside them, as with the sealed unit to be removed may contain a significant amount of contaminated oil inside, unable to be removed for further processing. So currently manufactures the most complete line of organic filters, meeting the highest standards of quality with the latest technology.
Diesel vehicles in the filter cartridge has the distinction of impurities in the fuel filter and separate the water by the presence of a coalescing filter paper called that holds the water found in the gas-oil.
This modern clean solution consists of two parts: a metal casing that remains in the vehicle during its lifetime and performs additional functions, for example, support of other components, and a filter element made of paper and synthetic materials that do not produce harmful substances to be incinerated.
This element is replaced during the maintenance and delivery to a waste incineration plant for use as fuel. At the end there is only a heap of ashes.
When removing the item opens a hole in the casing, through which the oil is within the set can drain the crankcase and not spill on the floor of the workshop.
The filter element is fixed to the casing with a clip or internal clamping is not necessary to stain your hands during removal of oil, we recommend replacing the board with a new unit that comes with the filter before reassembling the set .