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Air Filters

The air intake is the main entry of impurities through the engine, for this reason, the air filter is very important for support; it ensures full performance available retaining aspirated particles preventing them from entering the combustion chamber.
They retained all abrasive particles that can cause damage to moving parts inside the engine and turbo.
The entry of these impurities degrades the performance of the same components wear prematurely.

Filtros de Aire

We recommend replacing the filter element according to manufacturer s instructions found in the vehicle maintenance manual as the saturation of the filter increases fuel consumption and oil, greatly reducing its life.
If the vehicle is often used in dusty roads should be inspected monthly or biweekly.
It is advisable to brush, clean, or attempt to remove dust with compressed air, as this may damage the pores of the paper or polyurethane seal leaks and allowing the entry of dust into the engine.
Tecneco has two polyurethane injection Italian art for the manufacture of panel type air filters.
Each has 24 stations that stop rotating the injector head commanded by CNC to perform the casting material.
The machines used to fold the paper, also of Italian origin, have hot-melt injector with digital temperature controls. They fold the paper while the edges of the paper seal preventing passage of unfiltered air.
In the manufacturing process used air filters are cellulose papers special high-quality imported in its entirety.
The cabin air filter is used to purify the air entering through air conditioning circulating internally within the vehicle. Although not directly affect engine performance, interferes with the health and comfort of passengers, and can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Cleaning the outside air, the filter traps pollen, dust mites and pollution. It is recommended to check the status of these filters to prevent odors or loss of efficiency in the operation of air conditioning. These signs can vary depending on the climate facing the vehicle, not to mention that air quality may be compromised if the filter is impregnated with pollutants